HQGIF- a windows based Screen Recorder to create Animated GIF
Create GIF with Best Colors as comparated to others
  • It is easy to use. It allows to select start and end frame to cover fully range of your recording. It displays predefined sizes for banners and display selected portion for recording. It allows to select frame rate.
  • It allows to create GIF within target file (i.e 150kb) and given frame rate. HQGIF is specically designed for banner GIF ads.
  • HQGIF allows for Lossy compression ranging from 10 to 200. Lossy compression increases identical pixel patterns to improve compression in indexed-color images. Lossy compression is a good way to squeeze extra bytes out of your GIFs and PNGs. Lossy compression changes pixel patterns to match other pixel patterns to allow more efficient compression
  • HQGIF allows quality control with different modes. User can see the preview of GIF in each quality before finalization.
  • Operating system : Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10 (Support for 64-bit)

    HQGIF - 11/04/2020

    Depenency : HQGIF is based on ImageMagic. It will also install ImageMagic in your PC.

    HQGIF (Free trial upto 30 conversions)

    For inquiries or queries, email us at contact@html5animationtogif.com

  • HQGIF is a yearly purchase. No monthly fee is required. Once you purchase HQGIF then we will provide a product key. You will have to enter product key in the form to record GIF without watermark.
    Plan Price Term Purchase
    1 PC $19 Yearly Buy
    3 PC $55 Yearly Buy

    If you need more than 3 pc, please contact to us contact@html5animationtogif.com.

  • We supports 24/7. For any issue we can sort out within an hour. We have dedicated developers and they can communicate directly with you through email (if needed)