Convert your GIF within target file size or small file size

This is an online conversion tool to convert your GIF to within target file size. This may take up approximately one or two minutes for optimization. We optimize each and every pixel of your gif. Maximum supported file size is 20 MB, Maximum duration for conversion is up to 60 seconds. Maximum supported dimension is horizontal 1920x1080 and vertical 1080x1920.

Upload GIF file to optimize. For best result and file size, upload your original GIF. Please note: It should not be pre-optimized by any other tool.

Select Advance Options

Select your option.

Enter the value for target file size (in KB) between 15 to 10240 KB (i.e 10 MB)

Select maximum Frames per second.

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Guaranteed, smooth video at 60 fps with good quality from your HTML5 animation.

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We have created our own unique video rendering engine which make video as smooth as the animations in your html5 creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I reduce file size of GIF?
  • Yes, you should select lower value for frames per second and quality (50%).

  • Is there another way to get 150KB gif with good quality?
  • Yes, you should use 'Images to GIF' tool from above link. If you don't have images, you can extract images from 'Extract Images' tool. Select 3 to 4 images which covers all content of your creative. From the 'images to gif' tool, select 'Masking' or 'Show/Hide' animation for best file size. This tool allows to create gif within target file size.

  • Can I specify target file size for GIF?
  • Absolutely yes, you can choose it from tool 'HTML5 to GIF'. See the option 'Ad Delivery Network (Target file size)'.

  • Why is the file size of a GIF too high?
  • It is depend on animation effects over the coloured region. Your html creative might be animating (i.e sliding, zooming) the photo or background.

  • What are the suggested tips for design of html creative so that i can create smaller file size of gif?
  • Followings are suggestion for design changes in HTML5 creative:

    Do not to slide, zoom in/out, fade in/out to the photo (coloured). Place photo as static or fixed position.

    Do not to slide, zoom in/out, fade in/out to the gradient background.

    Apply all type of animation effects only on text/message/label.

    Use single solid color as much as possible instead of gradient.

  • What if my conversion gets stuck till long time?
  • You should check it again by refreshing the browser. If progress of the record doesn't get changes, you should try again with new job.