Batch conversion - Lottie animations to videos

This is an online converter for lottie animations to videos. Upload your Lottie animation files; the tool will scan each file and extract information such as width, height, and length, which will be displayed on the grid. If necessary, you can change the information. The maximum allowed dimensions are horizontal 3840(width)x2160(height) or vertical 2160(width)x3840(height). The maximum allowed length is 180 seconds.

Select the JSON file(s) of your Lottie animations.
Select the ZIP file(s). In addition to its assets/images each Zip file should contain a json file.

The maximum limit is 100, and the minimum is 2 for a bacth.

File Name: Width: Height: FrameRate: Duration(seconds): Delete:

Lottie animation is automatically set to loop infinitely. If you want your animation to play only once, you can disable looping by selecting 'No'. Otherwise, choose 'Yes.'

Specify to the lottie-player how the animation should renderĀ on the page. You can render it with SVG, CANVAS, or HTML.

Choose the value for the bit rate unit. A range of 17 to 20 usually offers good quality and a reduced file size. Higher bit rate value result in lower quality, whereas lower bit rate value result in higher quality.

Select MP4 or WEBM as the output format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How it works?
  • The following stages are involved in converting Lottie JSON files into videos:
    1) Upload the json files from your desktop/machine.
    2) Our program reads the json file and displays animation attributes such as width, height, fps, and length. The table will display all of the information. You can change and update the information in each json file.
    3) Select "Convert to Video".
    4) The app will convert json to video one by one. When the converting process is finished, you can download all of the videos in a single zip file.

  • What is the maximum number of JSON files I can batch convert to video?
  • Unpaid members can only convert five files. Paid members can convert up to 100 files at once. Create a new batch upload the remaining files if you have more than 100 files. For instance, if you have 300 files, you will need to make three batches of 100 files.

  • How long will my conversion (the video files) stay on the server?
  • A minimum of two days and a maximum of seven days will be allotted for the storage of video files. Based on the amount of available disc space, files may be removed.

  • What is the batch conversion pricing structure?
  • Select "Pricing Plans (Batch)" from the "Pricing" Tab. Alternatively, click here to see the pricing plan.

  • How can I find outputs (videos/gifs) and see the progress of batch conversion??
  • You can download and see the progress of batch from the link, BATCH -> MY BATCH CONVERSIONS