Convert your html5 creative to Video (MP4) with H.264 encoder along with Audio
  • Upload zip of your creative. It should have one html along with assets (i.e js, css, images, fonts etc).
  • Enter url of your creative.
  • Select frames per second.
  • Enter the duration of creative in seconds. Please refer the following table. Unpaid member can convert up to 30 seconds.
    Video Type Frame Per Second Maximum Duration (Seconds)
    480p or 360p or equivalent Up to 60 fps 200
    1280x720 (720p) or equivalent Up to 60 fps 200
    1920x1080 or equivalent Up to 60 fps 90
  • Enter the value 0 second. Use this option in your second attempt of conversion in case if you see "partially loaded image at the begining of MP4", or "some kind of white or gray patch at the begining of MP4", or "loader of your animation". Then you can specify a short delay. Tool will wait for specified time and then will start capturing. For example you can specify 0.5 or 1 or 2 second(s).
  • Select video bitrate. These settings are highly depend on the type of content in your creative.
  • Select variable bit rate unit. Usually the value between 17 to 20 results visually lossless encoding. Higher value result lower quality. Lower value result higher quality.
  • Select Pixcel format. The pixel format "yuv420p" is supported by most of devices and players. Video quality is depend of pixel format. To improve quality of video, select "yuv422p" or "yuv444p" and check the output on your player. Please Note: Very few device and player support these pixel format "yuv422p" or "yuv444p".
  • Select value "Default". Use this option in your second attempt of conversion in case "text or alphabet characters" looks blurry in the video. Recommended option is "Level 1".
  • Select option 'Yes' if your you want to record with audio.
  • Enter margin from browser's left edge.
  • Enter margin from browser's top edge.
  • Select creative size (Width × Height). If not found then enter manually in the following input box.
  • Enter width of creative between 30 and 1920.
  • Enter height of creative between 30 and 1920.
  • Left and Top corner (Fix layout)
    Center of the browser (Fix layout)
    Responsive and expand/shrink itself based on browser window
    Allow me to select content area manually. (i.e width, height, left and top). My creative is best viewed in the screen size
    Specify the display appearence of your html5 creative inside the browser.
  • Two steps: Tool will extract images from your html animation till the specified duration. It will ask to choose Start and End frame (basically the range to cut it properly) and then it will generate the final output. If you are a new user, proceed with this option. One Step: In this step, Tool will generate final output directly till the specified duration. It is recommended for experiened user.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the best FPS setting for Video?
  • What is the bit rate?
  • How does bitrate affect video quality?
  • what is H.264 encoder?
  • Do you record Audio along video?