Convert your html5 creative to animated GIF
  • Upload zip of your creative. It should have one html along with assets (i.e js, css, images, fonts etc).
  • Enter url of your creative.

  • Select number of loop exist in your creative.
  • Enter duration of creative in seconds. If your creative has loop then enter the duration of single loop.
  • Select Ad Delivery Network, if your creative is a banner.
  • Select the frames per second. File size of GIF is depend upon the FPS.
  • Select encoder.
  • Browser Size
    Recommanded for responsive/adaptive website/url/zip.
    Recommanded when your creative has Margin or Padding from the edge.
    Recommanded, if you not sure about the position or capturing area of creative.
    This option allows to setup capture area over an image of your creative.
  • Enter value for Left distance from where capture to be started.
  • Enter value for Top distance from where capture to be started
  • Enter width of creative between 10 and 1300.
  • Enter height of creative between 10 and 1080.
  • Is your creative or url Resize/Expand inside the browser? Is your creative or url Re-position itself inside the browser?
    For Example: Check this option, when you resize the browser's window and at the same time your creative or url gets "expand", "resize" or "reposition" itself inside the browser. Do not check this option for fix layout or display banner.