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This page displays maximum last 15 conversions created within 2 days. It displays current status of each conversion, It allows to modify and download. Refresh your browser, in case of inactivity till 30 seconds or try after disabling AdBlocker chrome extension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my output display "HTML5ANIMATIONTOGIF" at the bottom/top?
  • It is a watermark layer for unpaid memeber. You should purchase a plan to remove it from the output.

  • Can I reduce file size of GIF?
  • Yes, you should select lower value for FPS (Frames per second, for example: 7 or 9) and quality (75%).

  • Why my output was not recorded correctly?
  • You can avoid it, you should select recording area manully by choosing option "Allow me to select content area manually".

  • Can I specify target file size for GIF?
  • Absolutely yes, you can choose it from tool 'HTML5 to GIF'. See the option 'Ad Delivery Network (Target file size)'.

  • Why is the file size of my Video too high?
  • You shoud choose bitrate option as CBR with value 20 or 24. It will encode video with lower file size and good quality.

  • Why is the file size of my GIF too high?
  • It is depend on animation effects over the coloured region. Your html creative might be animating (i.e sliding, zooming) the photo or background.

  • What are the suggested tips for design of html creative so that i can create smaller file size of gif?
  • Followings are suggestion for design changes in HTML5 creative:

    Do not to slide, zoom in/out, fade in/out to the photo (coloured). Place photo as static or fixed position.

    Do not to slide, zoom in/out, fade in/out to the gradient background.

    Apply all type of animation effects only on text/message/label.

    Use single solid color as much as possible instead of gradient.

  • What if my conversion gets stuck till long time?
  • You should check it again by refreshing the browser. If progress of the record doesn't get changes, you should try again with new job.

  • How long does my file(s) remain on the server?
  • Your file(s) remains minimum 2 days and maximum 7 days on the shared server.