Batch conversion - Lottie animations to videos

Lottie animations can be converted into videos (MP4) using this online batch conversion tool. Along with the data file, the programme supports uploading additional JSON files. Each JSON file's information (such as its frame rate, width, height, duration, etc.) is stored in the data file. The largest dimension that can be supported is either 2160 (width) by 3840 (height) vertically, or 3840 (width) by 2160 (height) horizontally.

Enter a meaningful name for your batch or campaign.

Select the JSON file(s) of your Lottie animations. The maximum limit is 50, and the minimum is 2.

URLs for lottie JSONs? If the JSON files have been hosted on the server, ignore this step and place the URL information for each lottie JSON in the data.xlsx file.

Select data file. (For example, data.xlsx. For each lottie animation, the data file should contain details such as width, height, frame rate, etc.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How it works?
  • The process for turning Lottie JSON files into videos includes the following steps:
    1) Give the batch a descriptive name.
    2) From your desktop, upload the json files.
    or Indicate urls in the data file if json files are hosted on the server.
    3) Create a data file (.xlsx) containing the details of each record/json. For instance, height, width, time, filename, and url.
    4) Click on Convert to Video.
    5) To view an example, click on .

  • What is the data file structure?
  • The data file is an Excel file with .xlsx extension. The data file should contain the following information for each json file or url.

    Column Description
    width Width of the video.
    height Height of the video.
    fps video frames per second. such as 25, 30, or 60
    duration length of the animation or video. If your animation loops, please specify how long the first loop is.
    cbr Video bitrate that is constant. For instance, 8, 12, 17, 20, etc. CBR affects the quality of the video. Larger file size but decent quality with lower value.
    file_input_type Indicate the json animation's source. "URL" and "upload" are examples of possible values. When uploading from your desktop, the value should be "upload" if the json files are hosted on the server,  the value should be "url."
    file_reference The file's or URL's name. If the "file_input_type" is "upload," then you must specify the file's name. You must mention the http url for the json file if "file_input_type" is "url".
    bgcolor specify the colour of the background. White is the default colour (#ffffff).
    output_file_name Name of video file to be created and zipped inside the zip of batch once you download it.
  • What is the maximum number of JSON files I can batch convert to video?
  • Unpaid members can convert up to two files. Paid members can convert a maximum of 50 files in one attempt. If you want to convert more than 50 files at once, please contact us.

  • How long will my conversion (the video files) stay on the server?
  • A minimum of two days and a maximum of seven days will be allotted for the storage of video files. Based on the amount of available disc space, files may be removed.

  • What is the batch conversion pricing structure?
  • Navigate to the Pricing Tab and select a plan. The monthly conversion cap for all plans is 200 through the batch interface. If you wish to convert more than 200 each month, please get in touch with us.

  • Is it possible to convert to video using hosted URLS on my server?
  • Yes, in this case you don't need to submit any json files; you just need to indicate the urls in the data file along with attributes like duration, fps, width, and height.

  • Can I Convert JSON Files on My Desktop Computer to Video?
  • Yes, select two or more files, then click Upload. The data file must include the file name as well as attributes like duration, frames per second, width, and height.

  • How can I find outputs (videos/gifs) and see the progress of batch conversion??
  • You can download and see the progress of batch from the link, BATCH -> MY BATCH CONVERSIONS