Convert your html5 creative to slideshow gif/banner gif within few KB

This is an online application for converting html5 animation to slideshow GIF. This is really useful for banner gif ads. Upload your HTML5 animation and supply us with some information. This could take 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the length and size of the information. The maximum supported zip file size is 60 MB, and the maximum conversion time is 60 seconds. Horizontal 1920(width)x1080(height) or Vertical 1080(width)x1920(height) are the maximum supported dimensions.

Upload zip file of your creative. It should include one html file as well as references to assets (such as js, css, pictures, fonts, and so on).

Enter your HTML creative's http/https url.

Select Advance Options

Enter the animation's duration in seconds.

Please keep in mind that if your creative includes a loop/iteration, you must enter the duration of the single/first loop. For example, if you want to run an animation for 30 seconds with each iteration lasting 5 seconds, enter 5 as the duration and 6 from the 'loop' drop down.

Select an output dimension (Width x Height). If the item is not on the list, please type it into the input field manually.

Enter the width for output between 30 and 1920.

Enter the height for output between 30 and 1920.

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We have created our own unique video rendering engine which make video as smooth as the animations in your html5 creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I convert an animated html banner to a slideshow gif?
  • Because of the short size of the gif file. The gif for the slideshow would be smaller. It is beneficial to generate banner gifs from html animation. It's simple; we extract images from your HTML5 animation. Ad builder allows users to choose a few essential images/frames, or all images that cover the idea/purpose of the ad/creative. Then we create a slideshow using only those selected images. This has the advantage of producing a gif with a file size of less than 150 kb.

  • Is it possible to convert an html banner to a slideshow gif?
  • Yes, most banner distribution networks require gif files to be under a few KB in size. Another option is to transform a lengthy running html banner into a slideshow gif with a few essential images.

  • Is it possible to select the target file size for GIF?
  • Yes, you may define the target file size for gif in the ad builder, and it will display once you select a few essential images in the following phase. Ad builder creates a slideshow gif from selected images. or create a high-quality slideshow gif, choose two or three images.

  • What if my conversion becomes stuck for an extended period of time?
  • You should double-check it by refreshing the browser. If the record's progress does not change, you should try again with a fresh job.