Turn a picture into an animated banner GIF

Convert your single picture/photo to animated GIF with small file size with transition effects. Tool allows to control 'frame rate', 'quality', 'delay between images', 'transition effects' and 'target file size'. Upload a picture/photo and trun into animated GIF.

Select one png or jpg image.

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Guaranteed, smooth video at 60 fps with good quality from your HTML5 animation.

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We have created our own unique video rendering engine which make video as smooth as the animations in your html5 creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does "turn a picture into an animation" works.?
  • It is simple, just upload a jpg or png, our tool apply animation on the picture. You will need select a background for animation.

  • Is there another way to get 150KB gif with good quality?
  • Yes, please specify target file size in next screen.

  • Where can i use such animated gif?
  • You can use animated gif for banner ad. Most of places a single png/jpg image used for banner ad and it is not eye catching at all. It would be much better to create animated gif with single image with some transition effect.

  • What if my conversion gets stuck till long time?
  • You should check it again by refreshing the browser. If progress of the record doesn't get changes, you should try again with new job.